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Kunshan Hengrun Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Kunshan City of Jiangsu Province. It is an enterprise specialized in development, production and sale of chemical fiber fabric and multi-functional fabric. Our high water-proof fabric, air and water vapor permeability fabric, inflaming retarding fabric, anti-static fabric, EN471 fluorescence fabric and uvioresistant fabric have reached or passed quality standard of like products.
Products series: nylon taffta series, nylon taslon series, polyester pongee series, nylon taslon Oxford series, nylon Oxford series, polyamide polyester series, satin series, faille series, SUEDE series, memory fabric series, terylene Oxford series, gabardine series, terylene taslon series, nylon cotton series, polyester-mixed cotton cloth, polyester-mixed cotton cloth, yarn dyed fabric;
Product structure: half matt gloss, delustreing, glazed, plain weave, twill weave, satin weave, stripe and jacquard weave;
Processing category: environmental friendly, Teflon, uvioresistant, far infrared proof, inflaming retarding, anti-static;
After-finish: wet method coating, dry method composite coating, PVC flattening, TPU, PTFE, PU, TPE composite, printing, cotton ginning, sanding and so on;
Special products: fluorescence series EN20471 EN1150 ANSL (terylene, T/C, cotton, fire-retardant acrylic), inflaming retarding series EN1149-1-3 EN343-3 EN14116 EN13034 EN531 ISO11611 ISO11612 (terylene inflaming retarding, cotton inflaming retarding, fire-retardant acrylic), anti-static series EN1149, bamboo charcoal fabric, new type functional fabric;
Products application: ski suit, cold protective clothing, down jacket, sports wear, raincoat, wind coat, jacket, children's garments, umbrella, sleeping bag, tent, luggage, protective garment, coal mine work clothes and various uniforms.